Monday, August 11, 2014

Stay With Me

Forever 21 Knit & Tulle Cami Dress - Sold Out Online :(
Kate Spade Wallet - No Longer Available :(
Zara Glitter Sandals - No Longer Available :(

Hello friends! I'm back! I've been super busy lately, good busy, but no one likes enough of that. 

I'm back in front of my fave brick wall in this ballerina-esque midi dress. I got five compliments from strangers while wearing this dress. FIVE. This grey number is from Forever 21, my renewed addiction (any one else feel like F21 has stepped up their game recenrly?). This dress reminds me of the ballet costumes I wore back in the day, and is reminiscent of that famous tutu outfit that Sarah Jessica Parker wore in opening credits of Sex and the City. With a dress that already makes a statement on it's own, there's no need to add too many accessories. I did however, need to pair it with these glittery Zara flats because this dress made me want to frolic, throw glitter in the air, and wear a tiara. But maybe that's just me, because I'm weird...

Thank you so much for staying with me, peeps! STAYing WITH ME? Get it ;)?! Now, please take a moment to listen to the wonderful voice of Mr. Sam Smith (I'm obsessed). xoxo

Monday, May 5, 2014

1 year!

It's been exactly one year since my first outfit post on Sonya's Jukebox. As my inactivity may have suggested, I'm taking a bit of a hiatus to re-evaluate what type of blog I want this to be moving forward. I will have more posts soon I promise, but they may be a little different or the same, we shall see. Thanks for the support and sticking around. Means the world to me. To a new beginning for this little blog! xo

Monday, April 7, 2014

Walking On Air

Club Monaco Peplum Top - no longer available
Forever21 Sandal Heels - old 
Kate Spade Purse - similar
J.Crew Floral Burst Necklace - similar

Spring has sprung! It's just warm enough outside for sandals (if it's not raining of course) and all you need is a lightweight coat or sweater. Believe it or not, but I didn't have a solid black coat in my wardrobe this winter. I had been searching for a classic black jacket but of course I needed up going the trendy route with this oversized boyfriend-style coat from Oak+Fort. It's super cozy (and was on sale - bonus!) and a perfect match for the cool April showers. Easily one of my favourite pieces these days. 

Have a great week everyone! xo